Can you, your family, and your neighbors afford 82 tolls throughout Connecticut?
Rep. Vincent Candelora

Background Information 

Democrats in the legislature are proposing legislation that will implement statewide tolls and a Transportation Authority that will set tolls rates and locations throughout the state.

The latest study by the Department of Transportation gives us an idea of what Democrats are planning to do; DOT's proposed plan calls for 82 tolls throughout the state. I-95, I-84, Route 15, I-91, I-395, Route 8, Route 9, I-691 and I-291 will all have tolls.

How much would this cost commuters?

The Hartford Courant reported that a five-day-a-week rush hour commute from New Haven to Hartford on 1-91 would cost $801.60 a year. That figure doesn't include the costs associated with travel on the weekend.

What do you think?