The average household in Newton pays Eversource about $150 per month for electricity, which currently includes 13% clean renewable electricity as required by state law. The City is developing a program that would provide more clean renewable electricity to Newton electricity customers. How much more would you be willing to pay per month for this additional clean renewable electricity?
City of Newton

The City of Newton is developing a new electricity program called Newton Power Choice, which will provide an opportunity for all electricity customers in Newton to increase the amount of clean renewable energy in their electricity supply.  Replacing fossil fuels with renewable power to generate electricity is one of the keys to addressing climate change.

With Newton Power Choice you will have greater control than you currently do over the environmental characteristics and price of your electricity.

The program will provide a standard amount of renewable electricity automatically, above the minimum state law requirement (which is currently 13%, increasing by 1% next year and 2% starting in 2020).

Or you can choose to:

  • Opt up to 100% renewable electricity.
  • Opt down to receive no additional renewable electricity above the state law requirement.
  • Opt out of the program completely.

Please review the chart here to understand how much more additional clean renewable energy will cost at current prices, varying with the amount of electricity you use.

To learn more about the Newton Power Choice program, see

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller