Should hair salons and barber shops be allowed to open this week as originally planned?

For weeks, owners of hair salons and barber shops have been preparing to open their doors again on May 20th after being closed in March.  Governor Lamont abruptly announced on Monday morning that he had changed his mind and these businesses would remain closed.


The last-minute decision to delay the opening of hair salons, less than two days before they were scheduled to go back in business, sends confusing and contradictory messages to the public. We can agree that personal safety and public health are our primary concerns. And, there is no universal opinion among the professionals in these fields, specifically hair stylists. We have to be sensitive to the divergence of opinions of who wants to open up now, and those who are reluctant and want to wait a bit longer.  But either the science and data exists to support public policy or it does not.  


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